Monday, July 16, 2007

3211 speeches on 1 subject before success!

Steve Moore, president of EFMA and Wesleyan minister, recounted the following story to illustrate perseverance:

"With memories of the Holocaust still fresh at the end of World War II, the UN passed the Genocide Convention in 1948. It was a pledge that the evil of destroying a national, racial or religious group would never be repeated in history. The U.S. Senate failed to endorse the treaty. In 1967, Senator William Proxmire became convinced that disregarding the treaty was an act of moral cowardice. So Proxmire pledged to speak on behalf of the Genocide Convention every day that Congress was in session until it was ratified. He followed through on this promise for 3211 consecutive speeches over nearly twenty years. The endorsement was finally passed and signed into law in 1988."

As a church leader, what is the "one thing" that you feel strongly enough about that you'd be willing to give 3211 talks on the same subject?